Management – a description of the direction and possible career paths

Management – a description of the direction and possible career paths

Holden Le June 30, 2019

Master’s thesis in Management finishes studies in this field. This article will present a description of the direction and possible career paths, its for graduates. It is certainly an interesting direction that develops intellectually. It also has interesting prospects for a professional career. Let’s start with the description of the direction first.

Management is an economic science that focuses on planning, organizing, motivating and controlling. All these activities are meant to achieve the set goal. Every organization, regardless of whether it is a company or an institution requires effective management. In the case of large organizations, it is necessary to employ employees in managerial positions. These management (managerial) employees must have a variety of leadership, organizational, motivational skills and be independent in action. Management studies require a solid mathematical knowledge and develop knowledge in the field of economics and other disciplines, useful from the point of view of management. Management Studies have a two-step character. In other words, you should first write a BA thesis, which is followed by the bachelor’s degree. Then write a master’s thesis to get a master’s degree in management.

After studying Management, you can work in various branches of the economy. The Management graduate has a wealth of knowledge in economics. So he can work in the financial industry as a customer adviser or financial analyst. Certainly the dream of many graduates of Management is to work in an audit, in one of the companies in the so-called “Big four”. The following companies belong to it: Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Pricewaterhousecoopers. Earnings in these companies are very high, but only the best ones are reported there.

Master’s theses from Management, and further career path.

Master’s thesis should be as practical as possible. The more the Master’s thesis is more connected with the practice, the greater the chance that the knowledge gained from it will be useful in our professional life. For example, if we want to work in the audit, then in our master’s thesis we should focus on the audit of the selected company. Employers are currently looking for non-theoreticians and practitioners. Master’s thesis, which will concern practical issues, will certainly be useful during the interview. It can be our showcase while trying to get a good job. Master’s theses in Management are only an introduction to a career for graduates of Management. They are certainly not the end of education. This best let it last a lifetime.

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